Will you Reboot, Refresh or Reframe?


This year has been like one of those dreams you have before an exam or major meeting, where anything and everything that could go haywire does. You know what I am talking about, the dreams where you find yourself in your pajamas in front of board members with pictures of your night out with friends up on display instead of the presentation you slaved over. Or when you dream that you got to the airport without your luggage, ticket or passport and there isn’t enough time to go back. Those dreams leave you drained of energy, your spirit is out of sorts and any anxiety you had about the exam, meeting or travel is sky high. Is any of this feeling familiar as we reach the end of 2020? 

A year has passed and although we have all been working hard on getting through it all, it seems as if we are still where we were at the beginning of 2020; stuck at home, waking up everyday to the same news stories and still waiting for a vaccine. The weather might have changed, but the places and the faces have stayed the same. Anyone thinking of ‘Groundhog Day’ right now? 

We might be in the same place, facing the same challenges, yet somehow we are stronger for it. There is a grit and resilience that we have all learned, young or old that can guide us through to the end of this year and the beginning of the next. For although we might not know what 2021 might bring, we do know ourselves and what we can bring to 2021. We now have a better idea of what is in our control, how far we can push ourselves and how far we are willing to bend for others. We have learned what matters to us most, what we can live without and how creative we can be to get what we need when it seems impossible. It is as if our thoughts, reflections and actions have been reframed. 

Did the universe decide that 2020 was the year to coach the world? And if so, what will 2021 bring? Just like every coaching session where you reflect on your thoughts with your coach, you also leave with an action, a challenge to preserve the shift in thinking. What will you take from 2020 that you have valued most about yourself into 2021? 

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